Friday, August 6, 2010

To whom this may concern...

I am talking to you Dan Muscatell. I am talking to all of you on twitter begging me for more blog. I know you missed me, little did I know that you were craving more blog. I put it on the to-do list and then moved it straight to the top.

Montana Coaches Association - 2010 Clinic
This event gets better every year for me. It's not that the speakers are any better or that I learn more, but it is that I know more people. I love the speakers and always get something from every presentation, but I get just as much if not more from going to lunch with Coach Mouat or sitting down at the steak fry with Coach Gordon and Coach Tait.

The MCA wasn't all wonderful. The two low-lights came from within our own department. First Coach Huse (Head Men's Basketball Coach) calls me out of the crowd during his presentation on defense and proceeds to put me in closeout drills and defensive slide drills. Thanks Coach. The second 'incident' was Thursday at lunch. The MSU Volleyball staff "bigtimed" us and chose free wifi at Jimmy Johns over lunch with Coach Close and I at Chili's.

Overall I had an amazing time, caught up with some good friends, and made some new ones!


Anonymous said...

bout damn time ... thanks for the shout out!

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